Prince Edward Island is located in the Gulf of St.Lawrence, off the Atlantic Coast of Canada.

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Climate Change and Aquaculture

One of the keys to the success of our aquaculture industry is the open environment it operates in.  Combined with enabling climatic conditions, our members recognize their success is directly connected to the health of this environment.

The condition of our water, land and air are all important contributors to our mission to successfully grow sustainable seafood. In that spirit, the PEI Aquaculture Alliance was delighted to partner with the University of Prince Edward Island and the PEI Department of Environment, Labor and Justice in co-hosting this Climate Change and Aquaculture Symposium; whichtook place on March 11th at UPEI.  The event was a tremendous success, and we want to thank everyone who participated

It is through partnering in events like this that we can engage in focused dialogue that allows us to anticipate, manage and plan for climate change in a way that ensures continued future success of our industry.

Presentations from science, industry and government discussed how our climate is changing, potential future impacts on the industry in the future and how we can begin to adapt to these changes.  Please follow the links to download the presentations:

The full symposium agenda can also be downloaded.

This event was funded by the Atlantic Climate Adaptation Solutions Association (ACASA), a partnership of the four Atlantic provinces and Natural Resources Canada to support adaptation to climate change in the region.