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  • AquaBounty
    AquaBounty Technologies is a biotechnology company focused on improving productivity in commercial aquaculture, a $100 billion industry and the fastest growing segment of the worldwide food industry. Their objective is the application of biotechnology to ensure the availability of high quality seafood to meet global consumer demand. AquaBounty is developing advanced-hybrid salmon, trout, and tilapia designed to grow faster than their conventional siblings.

  • Cardigan Fish Hatchery
    Profile coming soon.

  • Cold Water Fisheries
    CWF is a family owned aquaculture operation specializing in the production of premium Rainbow Trout. They are a fully integrated company with hatcheries, farms, processing plants and marketing done from within the company. Their management and staff are dedicated to supplying some of the highest quality products their name is known for.

  • Dover Fish Hatchery
    Profile coming soon.

  • Halibut PEI
    Halibut PEI is an innovative company that produces delicious premium halibut! Operating the only facility on Prince Edward Island, Canada, growing halibut under controlled conditions to ensure quality and freshness in every fillet. They grow their halibut to premium size in specially-designed tanks fed by flowing sea water from our deep wells, to keep the animals in peak condition until they select and prepare them for sale to their customers.