Prince Edward Island’s aquaculture industry contributes significantly to the PEI tax base, contributing $25 million in gross value added to local economies annually.  The industry is also a vital component of the Island economy providing approximately 2,500 direct and indirect jobs. Many of these jobs provide year round employment in local rural communities. In fact, in the last year PEI’s aquaculture industry paid approximately $11 million in salaries, wages and employer contributions.

Coastal areas around PEI are enjoyed by a variety of users including the aquaculture industry, commercial fishers, recreational fishers, First Nation’s fishers and tourists. The PEI aquaculture industry is an active participant in the development and maintenance of infrastructures such as boat ramps, wharves and public access ways.

Working in Partnership:

The PEI Aquaculture Alliance and its members work in partnership with a number of partners to ensure the sustainability of PEI aquaculture. Some of these partnerships include: