The Prince Edward Island aquaculture industry is an innovative, environmentally dependant industry built by proactive, visionary entrepreneurs who have developed effective production and processing techniques.

As an industry, we are committed to maintaining our reputation for being clean and ecologically friendly by managing aquaculture operations in an environmentally sustainable manner. This commitment is best demonstrated through the development of:
  • The Shellfish Aquaculture Industry Environmental Policy which states the shellfish aquaculture industry’s position on Sustainable Management, Water Quality, Ecosystems, Waste Management, Product Quality, Cultural Values, Regulatory Compliance, Environmental Stewardship, and more.
  • The Shellfish Aquaculture Environmental Codes of Practice (SAECOP) which outline the PEI aquaculture practices that are anticipated to help ensure environmental responsibility, economic viability, and maximum product quality.
The Prince Edward Island (PEI) aquaculture industry recognizes the interdependency between a vibrant, sustainable shellfish aquaculture industry and the health of the marine environment. The industry believes that: shellfish aquaculture can be undertaken in harmony with the environment; and that the sustainable use of the marine environment is a shared responsibility requiring a climate of cooperation among all resource users and regulatory authorities.

The industry is committed to managing aquaculture operations in an environmentally sustainable manner. This commitment is demonstrated through development of this Environmental Policy and Shellfish Aquaculture Environmental Codes Of Practice (SAECOP).

PEI Aquaculture Industry Research & Development Efforts:

On-going research and development is essential to the maintenance and growth of a sustainable aquaculture industry. The PEI aquaculture industry takes a pro-active role in funding/partnering on research and development projects. Industry research and development priorities are established annually by the PEI Aquaculture Alliance and their member associations.