The ranked category model, first used in 2021, is based upon your gross annual sales (farm gate value, NOT processed and marketed) and is be applied uniformly to all shellfish grower members, mussel, and oyster.

Use the table below (or download a copy) to look up your dues for 2024. If it is unchanged from last year, you do not need to do anything else, you will receive your membership invoice shortly.

If it needs to be changed, simply email us at or call us at 902-368-2757 with the new amount.

Your membership dues to the Alliance automatically include membership to your Provincial Sector Association (PSA), which specifically represents the interests of each sector. These are:

  • PEI Cultured Mussel Growers Association (CMGA)
  • Island Oyster Growers Group (IOGG)
  • PEI Finfish Growers

If you farm both mussels and oysters, you can belong to both the CMGA and IOGG (i.e. a multi-sector membership). Simply inform us of this when paying your dues, as well as the rough percentage to divide your dues between the sectors (e.g. 50:50, 75 mussels, 25 oyster).

If you also market your product and are a licensed Processor we can add you to our website. Again, simply let us know and send a link to your website, and a copy of your logo if you have one.

Please note: As of 2024 there will be a 3.5% fee added for all credit card transactions.